When it comes to construction management, our approach ensures effective controls through collaboration between all contractors, the design team and ownership.

We achieve that by offering you a range of simple yet uncommon services that include:

Value engineering as cost-saving solution: This identifies alternative and more cost-effective materials as well as a means establishing, maintaining and updating budgets.
A benefit that requires a deep understanding of your project and the industry.

Interdisciplinary, solution-based approach to the construction process: This allows us to work together with design consultants, financial planners and other professionals in a transparent and proactive manner, to assure your project success.

Flexible contracts that meet your needs: This helps determine your needs and constraints, whether budgetary, regulatory or time-based.
Only then, we propose a range of solutions for consideration. We have the flexibility to structure the contract to meet your needs.
From planning to occupancy, we represent your interests and further your goals and objectives throughout the project.

When you choose Pizzarotti as your construction management consultant, you get a partner that:
• acts as your single point of contact for all budgeting and construction
• is fully responsible for construction schedule, cost, quality control and safety throughout your project
• provides “Open Book Accounting” with CM-at-Risk contracts, so you see the actual project costs at all times
• works on your behalf, allowing you to commit less of your own resources to the budgeting, coordination, scheduling and monitoring of construction
• provides a 100% Payment & Performance Bond for any size project.