New Construction

New construction projects require construction experts that have experience and time-tested solutions, especially in cities like New York where constraints present special challenges.

As developers, we understand the challenges you face, so we work in a proactive manner, minimizing costly errors.

We are a leading constructor of open-shop (non-union) projects. With us, you can count on strong financial, insurance and bonding capacity and our ability to operate as a General Contractor, Construction Management Agency, or Construction Management with Guaranteed Maximum Price.

We provide fully transparent preconstruction services and our open-book approach allows you access to all project documents. Furthermore, you receive notice of design consideration, schedule and cost trade-offs in advance of program and design decisions.



Complex Conversions Projects

In high-density cities like New York, undertaking an adaptive re-use or a conversion project is never easy. At Pizzarotti, we acknowledge and celebrate progress, but nevertheless, hate to see beautiful historical buildings demolished.

Adapting buildings for new purposes, giving them a new lease of life and generating new revenue streams for our clients, is often harder than building a new structure.  Our experience on many projects and working on large projects in NYC gives us firsthand knowledge of these challenges.

We know that speed to market drives your capital investment. With Integrated Project Delivery and Integrated Scheduling, we eliminate schedule waste and manage project costs through a collaborative process. From permitting to building within a tight site, we identify opportunities for fast-tracking projects while managing risk.



Residential Projects

Our experience in this sector includes every type of housing project, ranging from new construction, high-end townhouses, luxury cooperatives/condominiums and entry-level rental projects.



Hospitality Projects

Your goal is to provide your guests with a superior experience, so they become repeat guests. On both new construction and renovation projects, as your hotel construction services provider, everything we do supports that goal.

In new construction, we work closely with architects, designers and engineers to understand every element of the project. We focus on getting out of the ground and closing up the building, then in maximizing our capabilities of building repeat rooms and shared spaces.

In occupied properties, guest comfort and convenience are a top priority. While working in your hotel, we carefully contain construction impacts and preserve the guest environment.

We specialize in tight schedules, we minimize all downtime and ensure maximum revenue potential.

Having built every part of a hotel from lobby to laundry, Pizzarotti provides a five-star service.



Commercial Projects

Your commercial development investment demands a return quickly. Working collaboratively with team members and project partners, Pizzarotti applies fast-track construction practices including interactive design-assist strategies to meet your project goals on time and within budget.

From corporate offices to mixed-use developments and unique retail spaces, we have the construction and program management expertise to tackle the complexities of your commercial construction project. Through collaboration, innovative processes and a superior safety record, we can help you from early funding through permitting all the way to turnover.