45 Broad Street

Client: Gemdale, Madison Equities, Pizzarotti Group/Architect: CetraRuddy/Size: 471,400 sq. ft.

A real estate development project between Pizzarotti, Madison Equities and Gemdale, the 83-story residential tower will be the highest condo in Downtown Manhattan and the 6th tallest building in New York City.

Technically, this skyscraper is very challenging because of its location, height and difficult façade.  The site sits directly across from the New York Stock Exchange and access is controlled by NYC Counterterrorism, making the project very logistically challenging. The façade is two-tone with a 3-Dimensional Element at the airways to project or extend the depth.  Because of the building’s height, the skyscraper requires 193 piles, varying in depth from 30 to 100 feet, that terminate directly in solid granite bedrock.  The project also has a very deep foundation with 3 basement levels.