1 Seaport | 161 Maiden Lane

Client: Fortis Property Group/Architect: GHWA/Size: 189,000 sqft

New construction of the first all-glass residential tower on the waterfront in the Historic Seaport District in Manhattan.  Rising 670 feet, the tower will accommodate 99 luxury apartment and amenities. Overall the construction site is very tight, approximately 4,200 square feet.  The site is built on landfill over the original piers along the East River.  The curtain wall system is a custom engineered, prototypical design providing maximum glazing heights with narrow site line framing.

The construction of the foundation would have required extensive dewatering and deep piles, due to its proximity to the East River.  Instead, the Owner opted for a foundation design of soilcrete and piles, whereas the subgrade was injected with formulated grout to a depth of 30’- 50’. Perimeter piles were formed/poured to a depth 50’ to create a bathtub to minimize groundwater flow. The top 12’ of soilcreted grade was excavated to enable the pouring of the 12’ thick foundation mat slab. Specific perimeter piles have embedded steel rods which will tie into the mat slab, and post-tensioned when the superstructure height reaches 48 floors. The foundation also contains (4) steel rods, anchored into bedrock, at a depth of approximately 200’. These rods are surveyed monthly to measure calculated settlement of the soilcreted subbase, and building structure as a unit.