Women in Construction Week 2019

For both Protocol & Permits Manager, Valentina LoVaglio, and Assistant Project Manager, Rosemary Conboy, their decision to work in the construction industry was heavily influenced by family members with careers in construction.

Rosemary grew up in the construction industry, her father owned an excavating underground utilities company in Bergen County, New Jersey.  As a child, her father used to take her to jobsites and as she got older, she would assist her father with fueling his machines and moving his equipment from one site to another.  Fascinated by the fast-moving construction industry, Rosemary decided she wanted to pursue a career in construction and accepted an offer as a Field Secretary nearly 25 years ago. With the work ethic that her father instilled in her, she was able to work her way up to her current role as Assistant Project Manager.

Valentina’s grandfather was an Italian immigrant who came to America in the 1950s in search of the “American Dream.”  After a few years in the country, he began his career as a construction laborer.  He worked on several of New York City’s most iconic landmarks including the 1964 New York World’s Fair in Queens and the original World Trade Center.  Growing up, Valentina’s father would always point to the Twin Towers and say, “your grandfather helped build that.”  Valentina can now point at buildings in New York City and say that she worked with the team that made it happen.

We are proud to have these women on our team and grateful for their hard work and dedication!