Employee Spotlight > Veronica Superville

A team player who does everything she can to help our company succeed, Veronica Superville started with Pizzarotti in 2015 as an Assistant Project Manager before quickly advancing to her current role as Project Controls Manager. She diligently attends to ad hoc activities arising from the field staff, helping employees with questions and issues with the company’s Information System.  Her other routine responsibilities include approving commitments and change orders in Procore, maintaining the system directory, reviewing requisitions and payment applications and coordinating with the field teams to ensure project’s deliverables are being achieved. Veronica is a great leader, and during the transition from our old project management software to Procore, she served as a frontrunner in its implementation, setting the standard for its correct usage and ensuring everyone understood the program.

Despite these extraordinary efforts, she insists that she could not do anyone else’s job for even a day because she believes we each bring unique talents to the company that, when put together, make a strong team. Her proudest moment with Pizzarotti was the topping out of 151 Maiden Lane, one of her favorite projects, where she said she was able to work with very dedicated teammates and a management team that fostered open doors and listened to suggestions as well as concerns. Veronica came to us following a recruiter’s advice – Sometimes it’s best to choose the company where you have the most to offer – and we are certainly glad she heeded this advice, as she has offered and given so much to team Pizzarotti.  Thank you to all our employees and thank you to Veronica, whose exceptional contributions are greatly appreciated.