Employee Spotlight > Prakash Raja Karthik

Prakash Raja Karthik joined Pizzarotti in July of 2014 as an intern, working for the company while completing his Master’s degree in Construction Management from Columbia University.  Management saw Prakash’s potential during this time and immediately following his graduation, he was hired as a full-time Project Engineer.  Prakash’s hard work and dedication has helped him quickly advance from Project Engineer to Assistant Project Manager.  One of Prakash’s proudest moments at Pizzarotti was the day Stefano Soncini, our Executive Vice President of Construction at the time, asked if he would join the 161 Maiden Lane team to assist with project closeout and TCO.

A typical day for Prakash starts the second he gets out of bed in the morning, where he begins reading flagged emails and creating a daily agenda.  Working to achieve a Partial TCO on the project requires careful organization and Prakash is diligent about efficiently managing communications throughout the day. He also stays current on the construction industry by reading articles on the latest technology and trends.

The AC by Marriott Hotel at 151 Maiden Lane is Prakash’s favorite project that he has worked on thus far.  For Prakash, the team he was part of on this project was like family to him, he loved working with them every day.  He also added that it was a phenomenal experience watching the project get built from an empty parking space to a fully occupied hotel in the Financial District of Manhattan.

Prakash remains committed to his role at Pizzarotti because of the company’s hard work on behalf of its clients, his friendly co-workers and the opportunity to continue to learn.  We are grateful to have Prakash as a member of our team and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for him.