Employee Spotlight > Jerome Weir & Richard Fernandez

Jerome Weir and Richard Fernandez, Pizzarotti’s Labor Foremen at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, are diligent leaders who work tirelessly on this busy project. Jerome and Richard joined the project team in August of 2017 and currently oversee 25 workers on the jobsite. Richard addresses needs in the field where he does punch list work, and manages worker counts for each trade, as he is tasked with the responsibilities of an Assistant Superintendent in addition to being a Foreman. Jerome schedules daily tasks and supervises to ensure work is done correctly, offering problem solving when necessary.

The dedication of laborers like Jerome and Richard, who are always the first to arrive and last to leave every day, is the backbone of any jobsite. Their work ethic paired with their ambition are the makings of future Superintendents, positions of leadership and responsibility that both Jerome and Richard welcome and strive to achieve. Before Pizzarotti, Jerome held several jobs including working as an electrician with his father at the young age of 14. Richard worked in the fishing industry as a deckhand and started his construction career as a laborer for a drywall installation company.

Both men say that Pizzarotti is the right choice for them because of the comradery and familial attitude among the employees, as well as the recognition they receive for their efforts. In fact, one of Richard’s proudest moments with Pizzarotti was being recognized for his hard work and rewarded with the opportunity to fill the Assistant Superintendent position. Jerome was most proud upon learning that Pizzarotti specifically sought him out for work on Phase Two of the Ritz-Carlton Residences, and he says he has especially enjoyed observing the project from beginning to end. We are proud of their growth and it is an honor to have Jerome and Richard on our team.