Employee Spotlight > Francesco Cavarretta

Assistant Project Manager Francesco Cavarretta leads with a strong curiosity and a solid educational background. Francesco joined us in 2016 after applying for Impresa Pizzarotti’s “Young Talent” program while he was working for another company in Milan, which is also where he was born. The opportunity to travel with an international career and to contribute to the development of important projects around the world appealed to his adventurous nature. Currently he works on two of our projects in downtown Manhattan, 1 Seaport/161 Maiden Lane and the Marriott by AC Hotel/151 Maiden Lane.

In his current role with Pizzarotti, Francesco works closely with the Executive Vice President covering every possible aspect of construction management.  Although there is no typical day, Francesco’s time is usually divided between assisting the EVP in appointments and negotiation meetings, addressing specific issues that require the EVP’s attention as they arise and following up with them, and helping the project team with requests from clients and subcontractors. An aspect of the job that Francesco particularly enjoys is the gratification that comes when you see satisfaction on the faces of clients and colleagues at the end of a meeting or negotiation, especially after an originally difficult situation is resolved.

While Francesco is proud to be recognized in the Employee Spotlight, he believes his proudest moment is yet to come: when in-progress projects are successfully completed as the result of a collective effort. With his positive attitude, Francesco looks forward to new leadership opportunities and having full responsibility for a project one day. He is an exceptional individual who closely evaluates processes and the context in which he operates to suggest improvements when possible and achieve the best results. We are grateful to have Francesco on the Pizzarotti team!