Employee Spotlight > Anthony Kowalski

Anthony Kowalski joined Pizzarotti in January 2017 as an Assistant Project Manager on the Amity Townhouses project. Anthony helps manage the project team and works closely with the client, architect, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure everything is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Anthony’s work aims at ensuring that important deadlines are met. He is a hard worker who is dedicated to delivering high-quality projects for clients. This effort does not go unnoticed, especially by his teammates and peers. “Anthony works meticulously and leaves no detail unattended,” according to a member of the Pizzarotti team. “He always remains calm and composed even in the most stressful situations. His ability to effectively communicate with a diverse group of people is impressive.”

Anthony comes from a family of construction industry veterans. His decision to pursue a career in construction was heavily influenced by his father and as a child Anthony often visited jobsites, which sparked his initial interest in the industry. When it came time for Anthony to choose a career, he knew it would be in construction. In 2016, Anthony graduated with two ABET accredited degrees, Engineering Science and Electrical Engineering.

Anthony believes his proudest moment will be when the Amity Townhouses project is completed. Looking to the future, Anthony is excited to take on new opportunities and eventually serve as a project manager. We are grateful to have Anthony on the Pizzarotti team!